Vocinity Conversational Assistants Supporting Shoppertainment
Vocinity Conversational Assistants Supporting Shoppertainment

Digital natives, the Now Generation, are forever changing consumer shopping experience requirements in stores and online. They have a voracious appetite for more engaging and entertaining video-based experiences. Accordingly, shoppertainment blurs the lines between entertainment, education, and commerce. This increasingly popular video-first approach improves engagement and drives sales in an entertaining and informative manner.  

Shoppertainment is a phenomenon of commercial activities aimed at demonstrating, promoting and selling products to customers digitally, remotely and in video live streaming format.  What is Shoppertainment, the New Shopping Trend in Europe? Saleslyaer Blog, By Alma Muñoz, October 27, 2021

Are You Not Entertained?

Whether on the phone, in brick-and-mortar locations, or using the web, the time has come to boost consumer shopper experiences and brand loyalty with more engaging and entertaining experiences. But simply creating explainer videos or adding a chatbot is not enough. 

The truth is consumers today crave education, inspiration, and entertainment before they buy.  Brands need to prepare for this future of shopping.  Here we are now, entertain us: The future of shopping, The Future of Customer Engagement and Experience, by Valerie Vacante.

Now generation engagements must quickly provide the desired information when, where, and how it is wanted. Research also shows that consumers are particularly interested in shoppertainment content about electronics, cosmetics, fashion, and small appliances.

By blending traditional store experiences with livestreams, social media, and interactive, real-time digital engagements, retail brands all over the world are creating truly captivating customer experiences.  What Is Shoppertainment?  And Why Does It Matter? Sailthru Blog, August 23, 2021.

The Evolution of Shopping Networks

TV Shopping Networks Were The First Shoppertainment Experiences
TV Shopping Networks Were The First Shoppertainment Experiences

The concept of shoppertainment is not new. QVC and others pioneered a similar concept back in the 1980s. Yet, technological advances and consumer demands make it the future of shopping.   Shoppertainment is already a well-established approach in China. Still, it is only recently gaining popularity in the US, Europe, and the rest of the world. Brands and retailers must now find similar approaches and consistent experiences across all channels and touchpoints to ensure a foundation for future success.

In-Store Shoppertainment

Smart Digital Signs With Touchless Interactive Video Engagements
Smart Digital Signs With Touchless Interactive Video Engagements

But this phenomenon is not just for online sales. While the pandemic has forced touchscreen interactions to the background, forward-thinking retailers are deploying the next generation of voice-activated digital signage. Plus, retailers can move beyond the current use of QR codes for more entertaining video experiences.

Retailers cannot afford to ignore how shoppers are tired of constantly being marketed or sold to and want to be entertained before parting with their money. The rise of shoppertainment highlights how personalized interactions and connected experiences can help boost both in-store and online sales while also helping brands better connect with consumers.  Shoppertainment: are you not entertained? Cybernews, by Neil C. Hughes, October 20, 2021.

Adding Conversational Brand Assistants to Shoppertainment

From the labor shortage to the lack of 24-hour availability, depending solely on live broadcasts also has its challenges. So, the Vocinity video engagement platform uniquely combined live (human) agents, video bots, and live and recorded broadcasts to maximize shopper experiences.

Vocinity Omnichannel Video Platform
Vocinity Omnichannel Video Platform

A recent study suggests that “71% of consumers prefer to conduct queries by voice instead of typing.” The constantly changing demands of the Now-Generation create a higher bar for brands to achieve – especially as conversational AI moves to the spoken word and even interactive video engagements.

It’s Time For Immersive Consumer Shopping Experiences

As consumers increasingly want more entertaining shopping and simpler purchase experiences, brands and their retail partners need to continue to innovate. To ensure new audiences and revenue streams, shoppertainment creates an opportunity for dynamic, fresh, and entertaining content.

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