Thank you,, for covering our exciting announcement of fully custom video avatars.

The article highlights that Vocinity is the only omnichannel voice and video experience solution to offer phone, web, and in-store (QR Code and Smart Kiosks) video and voice experiences featuring fully conversational and custom virtual brand assistants.

In addition, our solution seamlessly integrates voice and video calls with sales or customer service reps when needed. At the same time, with no software for consumers to download – virtual assistants share documents, images, videos, and actionable offers based on consumer interactions.

Brands and retailers use our video engagement platform to support a broad range of use cases, from appointment setting and assisted selling to customer service and collections. So, even when you cannot be there in person, Vocinity enables consumers to engage in interactive experiences that cultivate one-on-one relationships with a personal touch.

With Vocinity, Brands and Retailers tackle the cost, coverage, and consistency challenges of finding and retaining quality staff for online and in-store sales and support activities – enabling consistent, memorable, personalized experiences across all customer touchpoints.

Come check it out.

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