Click or Dial Voice Bots

Enhance consumer telephony experiences and lower costs with conversational Voice Bots.

Vocinity enables enterprises and third-party providers to add AI-based Voice Bots to digital and phone-based channels.

  • Online (Click to Talk)
    (websites, email, text messaging, social media, and e-commerce)
  • On the Phone (Phone System, Call Center, IVR)
    (inbound and outbound calling with multiple transfer options)
  • BYOB – connect to your existing text chatbot
    (or we can provide that too)
  • Custom name, persona, and life backstory
  • “Cloned” or human voices
    (or select from leading TTS providers)
  • Optional background music or office noise
  • Full duplex conversations with barge-in and custom wake-words
  • Answers questions and schedules meetings
  • Captures data and integrates into workflows
  • Lowest industry latency
  • Unique algorithms for superior experiences
    (ASR corrections, noise reduction, and more)

Bot To

Connects any IVR, phone or contact center to any bot framework.

Fastest Time To Value

Eliminates technical complexity to ensure fast deployments

Best In Class

Pre-integrates speech recognition (ASR), and text-to-speech (TTS) providers.


Up to 90% less expensive than staff or contractors.

Conversational Voice Assistants

Inbound and outbound  voice bots help automate critical business processes.

From direct marketing and food ordering to help desk and collections, voice assistants address the cost, coverage, and consistency challenges of finding and retaining quality staff to perform repetitive but critical business processes.

The pandemic and labor shortage have highlighted the fragility of relying on human resources. Putting customers on hold and forcing them to navigate unfriendly IVRs frustrates users, increases costs, and limits sales and retention.

But with a simple SIP trunk integration, voice assistants help automate business processes by seamlessly capturing and exchanging data with back-office applications – and then transferring to a sales or service rep as needed.

Current Staff

Up to 90% Less Costly

Reduce Cycle

Call Transfer via Custom Routing

Everything You Need To Build, Deploy, And Maintain 
Your Fully Custom Voice Bots

Vocinity connects bot frameworks and telephony systems for voice bot use cases.
Our advanced technology creates natural, lifelike full-duplex, voice experiences.

  • Detailed CDR records for enhanced reporting and analytics
  • Full duplex conversations with interruptions
  • Secure call recordings and transcriptions
  • ASR auto-correct for higher accuracy
  • Voice-activity detection and noise removal for more natural conversations
  • TTS caching for lower latency
  • Transfer to live agent (voice calls)

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