Conversational Video Avatars

Our video bots are so much more than a talking head.

Vocinity enables enterprises and third-party providers to create AI-based conversataional Video Assistants and add them to any digital channel.

Brrand-Specific Conversational Avatars

brand specific photo realistics avatars
  • BYOB – connect to your existing text chatbot
    (or we can provide that too)
  • Photorealistic human or character-based avatars
  • Custom name, persona, and life backstory
  • Generate from a single photo
    (or pick one from our partners)
  • “Cloned” or human voices
    (or select from leading TTS providers)
  • Optional background music or office noise
  • Full duplex conversations with barge-in and custom wake-words
  • Answers questions and schedules meetings
  • Captures data and integrates into workflows
  • Shares images and videos and sends text messages
  • Works on any device
  • No software to install or download
  • Add to any website and digital channels
  • Lowest industry latency
  • Unique algorithms for superior user experiences
    (ASR error corrections, noise reduction, and more)

Easily Create Your Own Unique
Virtual Brand Ambassador

Vocinity Video Bots  make every customer touchpoint a rich media, personalized journey. And they are are up to 90% less expensive than full-time staff or contractors. Plus, they never get sick, never take holidays, and don’t skip work

The next generation of conversational marketing

Entertaining and informative rich media experiencesg

Enables new levels of assisted selling and service

We provide a complete, end-to-end solution to quickly and easily create, deploy and manage natural full-duplex, lifelike video experiences.

  • Detailed CDR records for enhanced reporting and analytics
  • Full duplex conversations with interruptions
  • Secure call recordings and transcriptions
  • ASR auto-correct for higher accuracy
  • Voice-activity detection and noise removal for more natural conversations
  • Video and TTS caching for lower latency
  • Transfer to live agent (voice or video calls)

The Time Has Come To Make Your Sales and Service Experiences More EngagingInformativeEffectiveEntertaining