Conversational Video Avatars

Enhance consumer experiences and lower costs with conversational Video Bots.

video bots

Vocinity enables enterprises and third-party providers to create AI-based converstaional Video Assistants and add them to any digital channel – with the option to escalate to a live agent voice or video call.

Bring Your Own Bot (BYOB)

We enhance existing chatbot solutions or support a complete end-to-end solution. 


No software for consumers to download or install,  And no SDK required for 3rd party integration and support.

Faster Time To

We eliminate the technical complexity to ensure a faster time to value (from months to days and weeks).

Superior User Experiences

Proprietary Multimedia Gateway enhances experiences using unique algorithms for ASR error corrections, noise reduction, and more.

Best In Class

Integrates with leading speech recognition (ASR), text-to-speech (TTS), and Digital Avatar providers.


VoiceBots are up to 90% less expensive than full-time staff or contractors.

The Time Has Come To Make Your Sales and Service Experiences More EngagingInformativeEffectiveEntertaining

Fully Custom Digital Avatars

Avatars can be human-like or charater-based.
You can pick from one of our existing digital avatars or create your own.

Vocinity Works With Most Major Synthetic Digital Humans

Anytime, Anywhere, and On Any Device

You can always be just a click, or snap away!

Smart Sign

Online search and chatbot experiences are broken, costing US businesses more than $300M annually. When shoppers don’t quickly find the desired information, they leave empty-handed.

Easily add our Virtual Assistants to e-commerce, websites, social media, text messages, and other digital channels.

Before COVID,  research showed
that more than 90% of consumers were frustrated shopping in stores –now, it’s even worse. Retail is no longer just about selling and discounts; it’s about show-and-tell.

Now you can add QR codes to product packaging, and merchandising to launch personalized, interactive video-based experiences. Vocinity also supports personalized video journeys based on our smart digital sign reference design.

Video Assistants

Vocinity Video Bots  make every customer touchpoint a rich media, personalized journey — answering questions, providing recommendations, and sharing documents, images and videos, showing product demos, capturing first-party data, and sending text messages with actionable links.

The next generation of conversational marketing

Entertaining and informative rich media experiencesg

Real-time transfers to voice or video calls

Enables new levels of assisted selling and service

Your Customers Don’t Speak With Thumbs

Vocinity is actual conversational commerce – your clients interact with our virtual assistants using their voice.

Everything You Need To Build, Deploy, And Maintain Your Fully Custom Video Bot

We provide a complete, end-to-end solution to quickly and easily create, deploy and manage conversational voice experiences. Our ground-breaking technology enables natural full-duplex, lifelike video experiences. 

Vocinity Value-Added Services

  • Rich-Media interacctions (videos, images, messages)
  • Detailed CDR records for enhanced reporting and analytics
  • Full duplex conversations with interruptions
  • Secure call recordings and transcriptions
  • ASR auto-correct for higher accuracy
  • Voice-activity detection and noise removal for more natural conversations
  • Video and TTS caching for lower latency
  • Transfer to live agent (voice or video calls)