Touchless Smart Signs

From retail to healthcare to fast food, Vocinity enables touchless, convenient, safe, and personalized video (and voice) based journeys based on our smart digital sign reference design.




Virtual & Live Assistants

Vocinity uses proximity sensors for smart signs
Voice engagements enable touchless experiences
Smart Signs enable immersive experiences
Smart signs support both virtual and live assistants

Uses three proximity sensor with proprietary algorithms to identify nearby shoppers and supports custom wake-words.

Shoppers use their voice to engage, and proximity sensors proactively engage shoppers as they walk by.

Based on shopper inquiry, provides photos, videos, recommendations,  pricing, reviews, and much more including text messages with actionable offers.

In brick and mortar locations, both smart signsa and QR codes support virutal and live shopping assistants.

Touchless Smart Sign Reference Design

In addition to hardware architecture, the Vocinity platform can support thin (browser) or thick client media-player deployment options. It also supports APIs for existing content management systems (CMS).

Vocinity Smart Sign Refeence Design