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Vocinity Video Platform As A Service (VPaaS) Now Supports
DeepBrain AI Avatars For  Use Online, With QR Codes and Smart Signs

Reston, VA – August 10, 2022–Vocinity announced today a partnership with DeepBrain AI to enable real-time, no download, conversational engagements on any device. Vocinity’s VPaaS provides a white-label service that ensures industry-leading, low-latency real-time video interactions. By integrating with DeepBrain AI video synthesis solutions, users can now experience more realistic, human-like AI models for use in sales and customer service in industries including media, finance, commerce, and education.

Vocinity’s VPaaS uses the latest AI and video processing technologies to enable 3rd party providers and enterprises to quickly and easily deploy and manage video experiences. Deployments are supported on any device or digital channel with a simple script or Google Tag Manager, by scanning a QR code or interacting with a smart sign based on a proprietary reference design. This approach leverages the Vocinity multimedia gateway to obfuscate the complexity of real-time video processing and the plethora of technologies and programming languages needed to support such deployments.

“Vocinity’s infrastructure as a service offering enables us to address the real-time conversation requirements for our US-based customers. Vocinity also adds a layer of rich-media interactivity for sharing videos, images, and other content based on shopper or customer input,” said David Abbondanzio, Director of Business Development at DeepBrain AI. “With the help of Vocinity, we are excited to offer our customers a complete, turn-key solution with a faster time to value, featuring our award-winning AI, digital humans.”

“We love the human-like AI models provided by DeepBrain,” said Michael Riemer, CEO of Vocinity. “The head and body movements make the avatars much more lifelike.”

Vocinity real-time video experiences have minimal latency through their secure, scalable data center in Ashburn, VA. To maximize user experiences, the Vocinity platform also provides unique algorithms for noise reduction, bandwidth throttling, ASR error correction, and other value-added services.

The Vocinity platform is a customer and partner-friendly solution available to enterprises of any size. Vocinity offers its white label video infrastructure services to enterprises, brands, and retailers, as well as Digital Avatar Providers, Bot Solutions Providers, Chat/Voice Bot Providers, Smart Sign Vendors, E-Commerce Solutions, and QR Code Solutions Providers. Go directly to https://www.vocinity.com and speak with Gabbi, our conversational video avatar, to learn more.

About Vocinity

Vocinity (www.vocinity.com) provides a B2B white-label interactive video platform as a service (iVPaaS) leveraging WebRTC and the latest AI and video processing technologies. The platform enables enterprises, brands, retailers, and third parties to address the cost, complexity, and latency requirements for interactive and contextual real-time video experiences. Shoppers and customers can interact with rich-media video experiences online, in-stores (QR Codes and Smart Signs), and soon in the metaverse. The platform supports conversational virtual assistants, live video chats, influencer and customer testimonial videos, and retail media networks. Go directly to https://www.vocinity.com and speak with Gabbi, our conversational video avatar, to learn more.

About Deepbrain AI

Deepbrain AI (www.deepbrainai.io) provides synthesized human avatars designed to humanize any digital customer engagement. Based on real people, these digital twins look and sound just like their real human models. Driven by a patented script-to-video technology, Deepbrain’s Synthesized humans can drastically reduce the cost to create content or provide user engagement while increasing reliability and consistency. Industries taking adavantage of this technology include media, retail, healthcare, finance, e-commerce, and education with deployments on web, mobile and kiosks. Headquartered in Korea, with offices in the U.S., the privately held company’s investors include leading funds in Korea and China.  For more detailed information on Deepbrain AI, visit https://www.deepbrainai.io/en/.


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