Reston, VA – June 21, 2022–Vocinity, a SAAS-based Digital Brand Ambassador Technology for Retailer and Brand Sales and Support, announced the appointment of Christine Russo to the Vocinity Advisory Board today.

Vocinity transforms shopping and support experiences from browse-and-search to automated, personalized, and multimedia engagements, online and in stores. Vocinity is committed to changing the way search and discovery takes place – from hunt and peck to deeply immersive.

“We’re excited to expand our advisory board to include Russo’s retail and brand executive experience. Her understanding of the retail and brand landscape, including innovation objectives and challenges, brings invaluable expertise and insight to our work,” said Michael Riemer, CEO of Vocinity.

Russo made her way to retail by way of Deloitte Consulting. Russo shared, ”I am excited to be a part of a team well established in innovation and at the forefront of digitization. Digital avatars and twins are capable of transforming experiences for retailers and brands, and I am excited to see Vocinity lead the way.”

Vocinity provides the most advanced, interactive conversational video assistants that engage by having natural voice-based conversations. Vocinity AI-powered, no-code, zero-footprint, no download virtual assistants make shopping, sales, and service interactions more engaging, informative, and profitable.

The Vocinity SaaS application is a customer and partner-friendly solution available to enterprises, brands, and retailers of any size. Vocinity virtual assistants deliver valuable outcomes up to 900% less expensive than full-time employees or contractors. Go to and speak with Gabbi directly to learn more.

About Vocinity

Founded in 2018, Vocinity addresses the cost, coverage, and consistency challenges of finding and retaining quality staff by enabling powerful brand and product experiences — when, where, and how consumers want them. With a no-code agent builder, Vocinity enables the easy creation and management of fully custom, video-based conversational assistants. For more information, visit


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