Enterprise Sales Assistants

Qualify and engage 100% of your leads, prospects and customers, drive more revenue, and reduce costs while improving the productivity and effectiveness of existing staff.

Even when no one is available, AI-based Virtual Sales Assistants provide 7×24 autonomous assisted selling by answering questions, providing recommendations, qualifying leads, and scheduling meetings – even answering the phones.

Proactively qualify 100% of your inbound leads

Add To Any Marketing Campaign

Real-time transfers of hot leads to sales

Effortlessly books
sales meetings

Sell More
With Less

Captures 1st
Party Data

Never miss another sales opportunity again.

Get your custom Virtual Sales Assistant and build a bigger pipeline at a fraction of your current costs.

Don’t Put Your Sales Machine On Hold

Sell More With Less – It’s Really Simple

Today’s buyers expect an immediate response. They also get frustrated searching for information and trying to get their questions answered.

Working alongside your marketing and sales teams, Vocinity Virtual Sales Assistants immediately engage new opportunities and existing customers using conversational AI – discovering more sales opportunities, converting more leads and scheduling more meetings at a fraction of current costs.

  • Enables current staff to focus on higher-value tasks
  • Makes experiences more engaging and informative
  • Improve effectiveness of existing staff
  • Redcuce cost of acquisition (CAC)
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Young woman talking on phone in modern office
Video AI-Based Conversational Sales Assistants


Vocinity No Code Agent Builder Makes It Simple and Cost Effective To Create Interactive Videos

With our no-code agent builder, you can be up running quickly. And, with a simple script or link, you can add an AI-based Sales Assistant to any site, social channel, email or SMS marketing campaign, or digital ad. And with SIP trunk integration, easily add to any phone system, IVR or PBX.


Conversational Assistants on Mobile Devices

Vocinity’s AI sales assistant interacts with leads, prospects and customers online and on the phone. With natural voice-based conversations, Sales Assistants answer questions, handles objections, and shares images and videos. 


Based on your specific criteria, your virtual SDR can qualify leads, update your CRM with zero-party data. As opportunities move through the process, Automated, personalized, and contextual responses and follow-ups make your customer relationships truly conversational.


Your virtual sales assistant can also help schedule a call with a sales consultant, and even transfer hot leads directly for a video or voice call. 



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