Video and Voice Shopping and Service Assistants

Transform consumer experiences from browse-and-search to automated, and personalized.

And, never let a question go unanswered — even when no one is available.
Give every interaction a personal shopping, sales and service assistant.

Conversational AI Video Shopping and Service Assistant

Video Assistants

Conversational avatars make every customer touchpoint – online, in stores and in offices –
an interactive, rich media, personalized journey.

Conversational Voice Bots

Voice Assistants

Provides conversational support for inbound and outbound phone calls with the ability to transfer to a sales or service rep on demand.

Live Video Chat

Live Video Chats

Whether you are there in person or not, agents can video chat from stores, call centers, virtual shopping locations, or their home and corporate offices.

No Code Agent Builder

With our no-code builder, anyone can design, develop, deploy and manage natural and rich video and voice interactions.

Artificial Intelligence

Understands questions, issues, and objections and responds accordingly, including qualifying leads and triaging issues.

Automatic Speech Recognition

We augment leading vendors such as Google and DeepGram with noise and echo cancellation and auto-correction based on context

Advanced Natural Language Processing

Using RASA as the core, we enable human levels of interaction, including interruptions that understand complex conversations across multiple products, models, and other attributes.

Voice Commands

Using our standard commands or adding additional ones gives customers more control over the interactions

Custom Avatars and Voices

Select a CGI-avatar from one of our partners or we will help you create one for you. We also work with most of the leading TTS vendors so you can select one of their voices, use a human voice, or create a custom voice.

Unique Wake Words

Your customers can pause and restart their interactions through unique wake words when needed.

Personalized Interactions

Shopping, sales, and service assistants answer questions, share content, send text messages with actionable offers, schedule meetings and transfer to a live rep when needed.

Rich Media Experiences

Video-based interaction support sharing of video and images based on user input as well as rich-media overlays to supplement voice commentary.

Automatic CRM Updates

Updates your CRM, including the transcriptions, context of the interactions, and shared content

Meeting Scheduler

Efficiently schedule meetings with leads by eliminating tedious back and forth communications so you can close more deals and convert more opportunities.

Custom Routing Rules

Transferring calls to live video or voice calls is seamless based on custom rules routing to live agents in stores, call centers, virtual shopping locations, or home offices.

QR Code, Website, and Social Media Assistants

Engage on any device or digital content with a simple link or script or in-store with QR codes and smart digital signs.

Client-Specific Dictionaries

Each product and model can have unique names, nicknames or synonyms specific to your company and industry.

The Time Has Come To Make Your Sales and Service Experiences More EngagingInformativeEffectiveEntertaining

Anytime, Anywhere, and On Any Device

You can always be just a click, snap or call away!

Shopping and Service Assistants Can Be Accessed On Any Device
Vocinity Personal Assistant In-Store Options
Phone-based Voice Assistants

Online search and chatbot experiences are broken, costing US businesses more than $300M per year. When shoppers don’t quickly find the desired information, they leave empty-handed.

Before COVID, research showed that more than 90% of consumers were frustrated shopping in stores – and now it’s even worse. Retail is no longer just about selling and discounts; it’s about show-and-tell.

Bad IVR experiences negatively impact revenue and customer lifetime value.  More than 50% of consumers will stop shopping with a company that forces them to navigate long menus and hold times.


Brick and Mortar Locations


Conversational Video
Shopping and Service Assistants

Vocinity conversational shopping and service assistants make every customer touchpoint a rich media, personalized journey. 

Transform shopping and support experiences from browse-and-search to automated and personalized — answering questions, providing recommendations, and sharing documents, images and videos, showing product demos, and sending text messages with actionable links.

The next generation of conversational marketing

Makes your marketing efforts more engaging and entertaining

Proactively qualify 100% of your leads

Converts more leads into qualified sales opportunities

Real-time transfers of hot leads to sales

Enables new levels of assisted selling

Effortlessly books
sales meetings

Reduces cycle

Captures 1st
Party Data

Improves first call resolution

Maximizes customer lifetime value and satisfaction

Ensures customer inquiries never go unanswered

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Live Video Chats

Live Agent Video Chats provide remote clientelling from any location, and are quickly added to any e-commerce or website. Consumers also easily engage with live agents online and in stores (QR codes and smart signs).

Conversational Assistants can also seamlessly transfer to Live Chats based on custom routing rules.

Better CX

Capture 1st
Party Data


Custom Routing

Conversational Voice Assistants

With inbound and outbound calling support, Vocinity conversational voice bots help automate critical business processes.

From direct marketing and food ordering to help desk and collections, voice assistants address the cost, coverage, and consistency challenges of finding and retaining quality staff to perform repetitive but critical business processes.

Current Staff

Up to 200% Less

Reduce Cycle

Fully Custom &
No Code Portal

Call Transfer via
Custom Routing