Vocinity Virtual Assistants
Conversational Voice and Video Bots

Vocinity conversational assistants are your new digital workforce – seamlessly integrating with your key business workflows and applications. Now, you can attract, acquire and grow customers, employees and partners at scale by autonomously answering questions, providing desired content and more —
all while improving the productivity and effectiveness of existing staff.

Voice and Video Partner Solutions

Video Assistants

Conversational avatars make every customer touchpoint –
an interactive, rich media, personalized journey.

Voice Assistants

Phone bots support inbound and outbound calls with the ability to transfer to a sales or service rep on demand.

The Time Has Come To Make Your Sales and Service Experiences More EngagingInformativeEffectiveEntertaining

Anytime, Anywhere, and On Any Device

You can always be just a click, snap or call away!


Online search and chatbot experiences are broken, costing US businesses more than $300M annually. When shoppers don’t quickly find the desired information, they leave empty-handed.

Easily add our Virtual Assistants to e-commerce, websites, social media, text messages, and other digital channels with a simple link, script, or Google Tag Manager.


Before COVID,  research showed
that more than 90% of consumers were frustrated shopping in stores –now, it’s even worse. Retail is no longer just about selling and discounts; it’s about show-and-tell.

Now you can add QR codes to product packaging, and merchandising to launch personalized, interactive video-based experiences. Vocinity also supports personalized video journeys based on our smart digital sign reference design.


Conversational voice bots

Bad IVR experiences negatively impact revenue and customer lifetime value.  More than 50% of consumers will stop buying from a company that forces them to navigate long menus and hold times.

With a simple SIP trunk integration, voice assistants help automate business processes by seamlessly capturing and exchanging data with back-office applications – and then transferring to a sales or service rep as needed.

Video Assistants

Vocinity Video Bots  make every customer touchpoint a rich media, personalized journey — answering questions, providing recommendations, and sharing documents, images and videos, showing product demos, and sending text messages with actionable links.

The next generation of conversational marketing

Entertaining and informative rich media experiencesg

Real-time transfers to voice or video calls

Enables new levels of assisted selling and service

Conversational Voice Assistants

With inbound and outbound calling support, Vocinity conversational voice bots help automate critical business processes.

From direct marketing and food ordering to help desk and collections, voice assistants address the cost, coverage, and consistency challenges of finding and retaining quality staff to perform repetitive but critical business processes.

Current Staff

Up to 200% Less

Reduce Cycle

Call Transfer via
Custom Routing