Improve Shopping Experiences With 
Voice and Video Virtual Assistants

As brands and retailers face unprecedented challenges, the time is right to make online and in-store shopping experiences more engaging and informative, and profitable.

Don’t Let Staffing and Coverage Challenges Impact Your Business

  • Staffing shortages
  • Inconsistent team quality
  • Turnover and replacement costs
  • Recruiting costs and ramp up time
  • Inability to support in store and online interactions

Changing Consumer Demands Make the Status Quo Obsolete

  • Impatient digital natives prefer video
  • Today’s consumers demand more real-time and engaging interactions
  • More competition requires differentiation
  • Poor information access means lower conversion and higher cart abadonment rates

When you can’t be there, your personal shopping and service assistants can be – ensuring consumers always get the personal touch they deserve.

Vocinity helps you address the cost, coverage, and consistency challenges of finding and retaining quality staff by enabling powerful brand and product experiences — when, where, and how consumers want them.  With Video and Voice Assistants. you cost-effectively interact with consumers throughout your relationship – driving conversions rates, average order value, and brand loyalty.

sell more for less with virtual shopping assistants

Give Every CustomerLeadProspectShopperVisitor
Their Own Virtual Assistant

Vocinity virtual assistants address the challenges of finding and retaining quality staff and the lack of a personal touch that e-commerce and chatbots alone do not provide. 

consumer electronics


cable and wireless

Cable, Internet & Wireless

Shopping and Support Assistants For Luxury and Automotive Brands


Personal Shopping and Service Assistants for Home Improvement and appliances

Appliances & Home Improvement

health and beauty

Health & Beauty

Online, in brick and mortar locations and on the phone, you can now enable powerful brand and product experiences – blurring the lines between commerce, education, and entertainment – ensuring high-touch service in-stores, online, and across all digital and print media.

Vocinity makes digital signage and kiosks smarter, and physical merchandising instantly becomes more engaging. Online, it adds the personal touch to e-commerce transactions that chatbots can’t match.

With Vocinity shopping and service assistants, the right details, product demos, and feature and functionality questions are always just a click or scan away.

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