Voice and Video Conversational Assistants
For Enterprises, Commerce and Third-Party Providers

The pandemic and labor shortage have highlighted the fragility of relying on human resources, especially for customer-facing tasks.

Digital Natives don’t want a search bar or simple chatbot, they want interactive, rich-media experiences (video and voice)

Putting customers on hold, navigating unfriendly IVRs or relying on live chat, frustrates users, increases costs, and limits sales.

With today’s tools, enabling low latency, scalable voice and video conversational AI experiences can be expensive and lengthy.

The Time Has Come To Make Your Sales and Service Experiences More EngagingInformativeEffectiveEntertaining

Up to 9x Less Costly Than Full-Time Employee

Vocinity virtual assistants are available anytime, anywhere, on any device. They answer questions, share videos and images, and send SMS messages with promotional offers – ensuring consistent interactions throughout the lifecycle of the relationship at up to 9 times less costly than an employee.

  • Answering Questions
  • Sharing Images and Video
  • Sending Text Messages
  • Capture/Exchange Back-Office Data
  • Transferring To Live Agent (Voice/Video)

Autonomously Engage 100% of Your Opportunities

Today’s buyers expect an immediate response. Vocinty virtual assistants work alongside your marketing, sales, and support teams. So you can qualify and engage 100% of your leads, prospects, and customers — driving more revenue and reducing costs while improving the effectiveness of existing staff.

  • Engaging and Qualifying Leads
  • Assisted Selling
  • Scheduling Meetings
  • Issue Triage And Help Desk
  • Onboarding and Training
  • Retention, Upselling, and Cross-Selling
  • Surveys and Forms Data Capture

Your Industry, Your Brand, and Your Assistant

Never Let… A Question Go UnansweredA Lead Get ColdA Customer Wait On The PhoneAn Issue Go Unresolved

Even when no one is available, your custom AI video or voice-baed virtual assistant provides 7×24 autonomous assisted selling and service. And unlike your human staff – which we still love – they don’t take days off, get sick, or jump on the “great resignation” bandwagon. Your digital brand ambassador allows you to scale infinitely, engage deeply, and create experiences as incredible as your brand.

Video and Voice Assistants Support a Broad Range of Use Cases

Vocinity enables you to quickly and easily design, develop and deploy natural and fully conversational video and voice experiences – across industries and use cases. With Vocinity, you transform sales and support experiences from browse-and-search to automated, personalized and multimedia.

  • Gives you the visibility you want and the attention your customers deserve – making the most of every touchpoint – pre-qualifying leads, assisted selling, and triaging issues at scale.
  • Provides immediate, consistent, personalized interactions – eliminating the guesswork and supplying a clear story based on a buyers’s specific needs – the right answers and the right content at the right time.
  • Connects to everything and automates at scale – leveraging robust APIs allows data capture and exchange with enterprise applications, including e-commerce, POS, CRM, and marketing and sales automation platforms.
  • Improves productivity without adding headcount by automating repetitive tasks such as lead follow-up and qualification, appointment scheduling, and issue triage to boost the productivity and effectiveness of your revenue and support teams

Third Party Providers

Our partner-friendly platform is available as a white-label infrastructure as a service offering.

We maximize value by helping you quickly deliver partner-specific conversational voice and video solutions.

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