Virtual Assistants For
Enterprises, Brands and Retailers

The pandemic has highlighted the fragility of relying on human resources, especially for customer-facing tasks.

Landing on a site with just a search bar or simple chatbot leaves visitors stranded – hunting and pecking for information.  

Putting customers on hold or forcing them to navigate unfriendly IVRs frustrates users, increases costs, and limits outcome value.

Vocinity Video and Voice Virtual Assistants For Enterprises, Brands and Retailers transforms shopping, sales and support experiences from browse-and-search to automated, personalized and multimedia.

Your Industry, Your Brand, and Your Assistant

  • Select an Avatar from one of several providers or create a new one
  • Pick your voice from leading TTS vendors or record a brand-specific voice
  • Write the story and establish a customer dictionary and synonyms
  • Add to any online channel with just a link, script, or Google Tag Manager.
  • Voice assistant require only a simple sip trunk connection

The Time Has Come To Make Your Sales and Service Experiences More EngagingInformativeEffectiveEntertaining