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Vocinity video and voice assistants are the future of consumer shopper and service relationships.

Accordingly, the following Vocinity blog posts focus on Vocinity product news as well as key technology and business trends impacting video and voice-based engagements for high-value brands and their retail and commerce partners.

Gwen Morrison Vocinity Advisory Board
Reston, VA – Oct 10, 2022– Vocinity, a provider of next-generation assisted shopping experiences, appointed Gwen Morrison to their Advisory Board. Vocinity’s video and voice-assisted selling and information discovery make […]
The pandemic has highlighted the need to move away from touch screens. And to make matters worse, current in-store retail media networks are limited in their ability to engage shoppers […]
Michael Riemer  +1-703-906-3544michael@vocinity.com David Abbondanzio +1-412-657-2186david.a@deepbrainai.io Vocinity Video Platform As A Service (VPaaS) Now SupportsDeepBrain AI Avatars For  Use Online, With QR Codes and Smart Signs Reston, VA – August […]
Christine Russon Vocinity Board of Advisors
Reston, VA – June 21, 2022–Vocinity, a SAAS-based Digital Brand Ambassador Technology for Retailer and Brand Sales and Support, announced the appointment of Christine Russo to the Vocinity Advisory Board […]
Vocinity Omnichannel Virtual Assistants
Reston, VA – June 16, 2022 –Vocinity announced today the integration of Deepgram’s  Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) platform. The combined solution enhances the quality and reduces the latency of interactions […]
Video-Based Shopping Assistants Enable More Cost-EffectiveIn-Store and Online Selling Reston, VA – June 9, 2022–Vocinity announced today the integration of Colossyan AI Avatars to provide brands and retailers with more […]
MarTech Series - Vocinity Article
MarTech Series covers marketing technology news, editorial insights, and digital marketing trends from around the globe. Updates on modern marketing tech adoption, martech interviews, tech articles, and events. They recently […]
Voice and Video Engagements Are Good For Business
Digital natives, the Now Generation, have forever changed how brands and retailers must engage with consumers. Today’s consumers demand real-time responses and want more engaging and informative experiences. Millennials are […]
Elimination Shopper Frustration With Personal Shopping Assistants
Research says yes. A report from Google estimated that U.S. e-commerce sites lose $300 billion per year due to bad site searches. So, if your chatbot and site search suck, […]
Web 3.0 and Autonomous Shopping and Service Assistants
For many, the term Web 3.0 is synonymous with decentralized, distributed ledger-based (blockchain) technologies.  But in reality, the consumer promise for Web 3.0 is the transformation of shopping and service […]
ForceBrands Insights Blog Post - The Future of Conversational Marketing
Repost from ForceBrands, Insights, April 4, 2022, by Rebecca Fryer How we engage with consumers is changing rapidly. In the past two years alone, brands have had to adapt to […]
Voicebot.ai Features Vocinity Custom Avatar Brand Assistants
Thank you, Voicebot.ai, for covering our exciting announcement of fully custom video avatars. The article highlights that Vocinity is the only omnichannel voice and video experience solution to offer phone, […]
Vocinity Conversational Assistants Supporting Shoppertainment
Digital natives, the Now Generation, are forever changing consumer shopping experience requirements in stores and online. They have a voracious appetite for more engaging and entertaining video-based experiences. Accordingly, shoppertainment […]
AI Avatar-Based Assisted Selling and Support
Privacy law changes and a cookieless browser future means that brands must find new and innovative ways to capture critical information about their target and existing customers. This approach is […]
Putting Your Customers On Hold Is A Bad Business Practice
Don’t Put Your Customers and Business On Hold Research shows that remote clienteling technology helps brands improve customer relationships. And technology helps since conversational AI can handle more than 80% […]
Winning At E-Commerce With Virtual Brand Assistants
Winning at the e-commerce game is getting harder. Landing on a shopping site with just a search bar or simple chatbot leaves your visitors stranded. Typical text and voice commerce […]
Virtual Brand Assistants
So what’s beyond chatbots? Brands across many industries struggle with the sales and service challenges with the “Now Generation.”  Plus, the labor shortage exacerbates these challenges. “To complicate matters further, […]
The labor shortage requires new approaches to support the future of work
Welcome to Virtual Brand Assistants and the Future of Work Todays’ consumers, the Now-Generation, are more demanding than ever. They want fast answers when and where they want them and […]
Gabbi - The Vocinity Conversational Brand Assistant
The first avatar-based conversational brand assistant addresses enterprise staffing challenges to perform critical business processes Reston, VA – [February 1, 2022] –Vocinity announced today the integration of Synthesia, the leading […]
Vocinity Enabled Digital Signs
Since the early 2000s, digital signs, kiosks, and totems have grown in popularity from retail to healthcare to fast food. At the same time, screen, connectivity, IoT, media servers, content […]
Explainer Videos Just Don't Provide The Same Value As A Virtual Brand Assistant
Explainer videos often miss the mark. Users never read manuals. FAQs on websites are like searching for a needle in a haystack. Simple chatbots are not getting the job done […]
Vocinity Now Generation Experiences
Consumer engagement habits are changing dramatically. Consequently, the digital-first mentality of Millenials and Gen-Z consumers, whom I like to call the Now Generation, have little patience for traditional sales and […]
Vocinity team shooting synthetic avatar video
While deepfakes have created a wave of negative publicity, synthetic media in business and consumer marketing is also rising. And this is not a new phenomenon. As early as 2009, […]
Vocinity QR Codes
Driven by the COVID pandemic, touchless experiences, including QR codes, have gained new life for consumers, brands, and retailers. Over the last year, QR codes have been commonplace, from TV […]
Don't put your business on hold
The never-ending COVID challenges coupled with ongoing labor shortages are forcing brands and their retail partners to evolve their customer engagement strategy. One popular approach is called remote clienteling. In […]
Consumers don't like to wait for ansswers
If your job is to help prospects buy and ensure customers stay, keep reading. Even when you can’t physically be there, prospects want to know about your products or services, […]
Vocinity logo
Today is my first official day at Vocinity, and I am excited also to write our first official blog post. Over the last twelve months, revenue has grown almost 300%, […]