Consumer engagement habits are changing dramatically. Consequently, the digital-first mentality of Millenials and Gen-Z consumers, whom I like to call the Now Generation, have little patience for traditional sales and support experiences. Whether online or in-stores, these consumers have little patience when finding and consuming information based on their unique preferences and desires. Above all, they expect always-available access to expert service, immediate answers to their questions, and more entertaining experiences. Likewise, video is by far the preferred medium

The Now Generation
The Now Generation expects always-available access to expert service, immediate answers to their questions, and more entertaining experiences. (Picture by Insider Intelligence)

“Gen Z will soon become the largest cohort of consumers—and brands who want a piece of this opportunity will need to understand their tendencies and digital expectations… they are the first consumers to have grown up wholly in the digital era. They’re tech-savvy and mobile-first—and they have high standards for how they spend their time online.”
Generation Z News: Latest characteristics, research, and facts, Insider Intelligence, By Andrew Meola, Jan 5, 2022

Beyond Personalization

Most brands understand the importance of personalization. However, forward-thinking brands are also exploring opportunities to provide more immediate access to information and more entertaining experiences.

“Retailtainment is retail experiential marketing for shoppers entertainment. Experiential marketing techniques create in-store branding experiences between shoppers and brands, through a facilitating medium or media. Retailtainment branding experiences in store bring products to life, through light, sound, movement and interact directly with the shopper.”

Unfortunately, with an increasing labor shortage and challenges in retaining quality staff, especially for high-value and luxury brands and retailers, finding the right solutions to address the Now Generation is a matter of business survival. As PWC points out in a recent report, “Give customers a great experience, and they’ll buy more, be more loyal and share their experience with friends.”

“…these digital natives, who have never known a world without the internet or smartphones…The line between online and offline has always been blurred for Gen Z – a generation that is ‘always-on’…They respond to brands that engage with them and seek to win their trust, rather than those that rely on the big names or creative excellence alone.”
Meet the next consumer: how Gen Z are taking on a new reality, The Drum, By Caroline Parry – Nov 3, 2020

Vocinity Now Generation Experiences
Vocinity Now Generation Experiences Featuring Conversational Brand Assistants and Live Video Chats

Now Generation Experiences

Since today’s consumers want to get fast answers, interactive video content, and personalized journeys, brands need to deliver impactful video-based experiences — when, where, and how consumers want them based on user input and preferences.

In the same vein, Vocinity enables brands to quickly, easily, and cost-effectively deliver interactive omnichannel video experiences. Users engage the Vocinity Platform on PCs, tablets, and smartphones with no software to download by scanning QR codes, clicking on weblinks, or interacting with Vocinity-enabled indoor and outdoor smart signs. Conversational brand assistants and live video chats in-stores and online ensure 7x24x365 availability. Most importantly, these experiences blur the lines between entertainment, education, and e-commerce.

“…put yourself into a position in which you can sustainably create intuitive solutions that offer real added value and tangible additional benefits at every digital touchpoint…”
A New Generation Of Consumers Has Emerged: Here’s How To Make Them Your Customers, Forbes, by Jan Webering, Dec 3, 2020.

Consumer Behaviors Are Changing And So Should You

In conclusion, the Now Generation of Millennials and Gen-Z consumers are demanding, impatient, and eager to enjoy video experiences. With the Vocinity Video-Engagement Platform, you can quickly and cost-effectively deploy immersive experiences to help build your brand and your business.

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