The never-ending COVID challenges coupled with ongoing labor shortages are forcing brands and their retail partners to evolve their customer engagement strategy. One popular approach is called remote clienteling. In simple terms, this approach adds remote and virtual interactions to traditional e-commerce transactions.

Don't put your business on hold
Don’t put your business on hold – implement remote clienteling and always be available

Remote clienteling is finding growing interest from retailers as a way to effectively close the gap between online and offline shopping experiences.

Retailers Get Closer to Online Shoppers with Remote Clienteling, OpenBravo Blog, May 14, 2020

Remote clienteling is gaining traction because it offers what traditional e-commerce cannot: it enables a connection with shoppers (and customers) that nurtures relationships even when you cannot be there in person.

Why Does Remote Clienteling Matter

While many shoppers have turned to the web, e-commerce transactions typically have lower average revenue transactions than face-to-face experiences. Consequently, it is best to be available anytime customers want to engage. But achieving this without breaking the bank can be a challenge.

Yet, relying solely on chatbots has inherent difficulties, especially since more than 80% are mobile encounters. Users are quickly frustrated typing and searching for answers.

But video chats are not a panacea either. What happens when your team members are sick, on vacation, or busy doing other high-value tasks? Nonetheless, video chats are a valuable part of a broader video engagement approach that maximizes user experiences despite these inherent limitations.

“…clienteling is all about keeping in touch through a customer’s preferred channels.”

How clienteling can allow retailers to beat in-store COVID-19 restrictions, Modern Retail, September 22, 2021

You Can Always Be Just a Call, Click, or Snap Away

With Vocinity, now you can deliver memorable multimedia journeys based on user input and preferences – in stores and offices and on the web and mobile devices. At the same time, you don’t need to worry about re-training, message consistency, or staff availability. Accordingly, Vocinity virtual brand assistants ensure consistent, cost-effective sales, service, and support experiences.

Video Brand Assistants On Smartphones supporting remote clienteling
Video Brand Assistants On Smartphones

Users engage conversational video assistants when and how they want – on phones, tablets, and computers. At the same time, users can be in your stores, offices, homes, or out and about. Besides conversational brand assistants, Vocinity allows you to incorporate live video chats and streaming commerce broadcasts. With custom routing rules based on location, expertise, and other attributes, video chats go to the right agent, at the right time.

“.. tech-led VIP clienteling and personal styling services have been thrust into the spotlight.”

VIP clienteling gets a tech makeover, Vogue Business, April 2021

Are You Ready For Remote Clienteling

If you have not already considered Remote Clienteling, don’t wait any longer. COVID and labor shortages are not going away anytime soon. Your sales and retention goals are in need of a scalable, cost-effective approach and it’s called Vocinity Remote Clienteling.

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