Vocinity is a contactless, voice-centric, conversational bot platform. Our bots support voice, video, and text.

The Vocinity platform was built from the ground up by experts with one goal in mind – to make artificially intelligent conversation-bots simple to deploy, cost-effective, and genuinely engaging.

Our development started in the cloud and leverages best-of-breed commercial and open-source technologies.

Today, the Vocinity platform delivers conversational and natural interactions with speech recognition at near-human levels – already completing more than 4 million calls.


But, Vocinity is not just another voice bot. The Vocinity platform is a one-stop-shop for powerful yet cost-effective virtual agents.

We create genuinely immersive multimedia, contextual experiences across phones, websites, mobile applications, and more.

Our voice bots and video avatar even make digital signage and merchandising virtual sales agents.

With more than 100 unique development projects, our platform features unique and valuable solutions using the latest in data science, machine learning, natural language processing, and more.

machine learning & enhanced AI 

custom video avatars and voices (TTS and Human)

extensible vocabularies

Deploy Everywhere

Unique Multimedia Gateway Enables
Voice and Video Bots 

PBX and Phone Systems

Young woman talking on phone in modern office

Call Centers

Customer service executives working in call center

Kiosks and Digital Signage

Young woman chooses a smartphone in an electronics store

QR Codes

Paying bills by scanning qr code is faster and easier

Mobile Applications

Woman calling to car insurance


Pretty girl working on her computer in cafe

From Kiosks to Websites, QR Codes, Mobile Application and More

The unique flexibility of the Vocinity platform enables our clients to deploy conversational agents throughout the customer lifecycle.

We support inbound and outbound phone calls (SIP) and WebRTC for Web Pages and gRPC for mobile applications.

Our agents can be integrated into digital signage and kiosks or launched from a simple QR code on physical merchandise.

You can even extend our bots to support SMS, Facebook Messenger, and RCS (an emerging messaging standard).

Crowd of robots

unique multimedia gateway for voice and video

Media probe for sentiment, intent, and other insights

PSTN, WebRTC, and gRPC Interfaces

We Make Building Bots Simple, Easy and Fast

Our expert team can help build your conversational bot or your can create your own using our Agent Builder application.  You have many text-to-speech options as well, but we can also assist you in creating a custom voice or video avatar.

  • Quickly build and deploy omnichannel conversational bots
  • Create intent-driven conversations with custom actions
  • Capture detailed conversation analytics
  • Bots continually improve through iterative machine learning
  • Deliver personalized experiences via API
  • Transfer to a live agent without losing context

intelligent video call routing to live agents

proprierarty logic for seamless real-time voice/video calls

in-context transfers

Engagement Process


Review existing workflow and content as well as application and phone system APIs.  Define conversation triggers and context as well as corresponding actions.


Create a rough script outline and bot use cases. As needed, access to Agent Builder is provided. A statement of work can include script, bot, voice and avatar customization as well as integration with existing systems.


Once an SOW is completed and signed, a final script is created. At this time, we also complete the required integrations.


After coding is complete, internal use acceptance testing helps provide initial model training. Iterative testing helps finalize the script and Bot logic.


Next, we deploy a production agent. You have access to a management console for monitoring system performance.


The bot continue to learn and improve but new background intents and workflow actions are likely as well.

Proprietary NLP and STT algorithms

micro-services architecture with extensive API’s

telco grade high availability & security