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The Vocinity Partner Marketplace allows our enterprise customers to quickly and easily find value-added partner service offerings.

Vocinity Resellers integrate our  video and voice assistant software directly into their offerings — adding their technology and domain expertise to provide unique experiences.

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Vocinity Technology Partnerships

With such a broad platform, Vocinity is always looking for best-in-class solutions that can add more value to our customers. Since enterprises and partners have broad needs for custom avatars and synthetic voices, this is particularly true for the emerging use of synthetic media.

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Solution Partner Program

The Vocinity Platform is very partner-friendly and available as a white-label infrastructure as a service offering. We have APIs and methods to maximize partner value and help quickly deliver partner-specific solutions.

From digital sign OEMs to QR code providers to vertical software solutions and digital agencies, Vocinity transforms static content into interactive voice and video experiences that cultivate one-on-one relationships with a personal touch.

Voice and Video Partner Solutions

Out-of-the-box functionality provides integration support for:

  • CRM, E-Commerce, POS and other software
  • Content Management Systems
  • Reporting, Analytics and Call Details
  • Assistant Interaction Scheduling
  • Monitoring and Alerts
  • UI/UX Experience Management

While Vocinity is a clientless offering, we provide partners and enterprise customers with reference designs and API support for browser-based user and agent video chat interfaces. Accordingly, Partners can directly control the user experience.

License-Free Touchless
Smart Sign Reference Design

  • HD Cameras
  • Phase-Array Noise Cancelling Mics
  • Proximity Sensors and Algorithms
  • Thin (browser) or think software client options
  • CMS Integration (playlists and broadcasts)
Vocinity Smart Sign Refeence Design