Use Video and Voice To Drive Profitability

The Vocinity platform’s intelligent voice and video virtual assistants enhance your ability to serve, sell, work, educate, train, entertain, and support – delivering sustainable economic outcomes.


Young woman chooses a smartphone in an electronics store

Even before COVID, retaining high-quality sales and customer service team members was difficult and expensive.  Finding tech-savvy, bilingual associates with great communication skills and excellent product knowledge is no small feat.  Now, you also have to limit the number of employees and contractors on the sales floor.

Conversational Agents

Vocinity enables real-time voice and video virtual sales agents and brand ambassadors.

Rich, interactive, multimedia content, and live agent video calls come together to handle even the most sophisticated retail situations..

In-Store Engagements

Vocinity AI-Bots make digital signage and kiosks smarter. Physical merchandising instantly becomes more engaging through QR codes.

Immersive Brand Experiences

Brands and retailers can now create memorable shopping experiences – in-stores, on the web and on mobile devices.

Our Voice Bots support contextual dialogues based on the time, day of the week, location, and more.

Sales & Service Automation

With increased budgetary pressures, our AI-Bots automate a broad range of sales, service and product configuration workflows.


Modern technology in healthcare and medicine

Our intelligent conversational agents improve medical, radiology, and pharmacy benefits management for pre-approvals, coverage verification, enrollment and change-in-status as well as claims collection.

Vocinity also improves patient experiences (before, during, and after visits), lowering operational costs and driving profitability.

Our voice bots are more effective than offshoring. They are also more cost-effective than continually adding staff for phone-intensive processes.

Our clients eliminate more than 20 minutes of waiting on hold. And less phone time means more patient and client time.

Prescription and Procedure Pre-Authorization

Customer and Patient Follow-Up

Patient Eligibility or Insurance Coverage Verifications

Patient and Customer Enrollment

Health Insurance Claims Collections

Satisfaction Surveys

With Vocinity, Everybody Wins

Patients, Clinicians, Office Staff and Call Centers

  • Handwritten forms become a thing of the past – patients just use their voice to enter information
  • Patient follow-up and eldercare applications don’t impact current resources
  • Touchless kiosk interactions become make for fast and easy check-ins
  • Scheduling and prescription refill requests follow-ups are automated
  • Triaging of COVID symptoms becomes simple, fast, and natural

Hold-Time Elimination Solutions

For healthcare claims collection and prior authorizations, Vocinity erases, on average, more than 20 minutes per call. But for some payors, this is closer to 60 minutes.

By automating the outbound calling and IVR navigation, we securely provide patient and provider information — at the fraction of current personnel costs.


Young waitress wearing an apron at a city restaurant.

Professional, reliable phone interactions are a hallmark of quality customer service. But human resource challenges abound – sick and vacation days, schedule conflicts, and employee turnover. Your guest services and back-office operations suffer, and brand management concerns arise.

From travel and hotel to dinner reservations to ordering pizzas and burgers, a Vocinity voice bot can help. Our virtual assistants support your revenue and customer relationship goals.

Travel, Hotel & Dinner Reservations

Fast Food, Coffee, Pizza & More

Customer Service

Waitress interacting with customer

We help you create guest experiences that enhance the effectiveness and productivity of existing staff and minimize overhead.  Through interactive, conversational agents, customers are entertained and serviced quickly and cost-effectively.

Bank ATM automatic teller machines for money withdrawing. The s
Real estate, mortgage loans and paperwork


From banks to insurance providers to mortgage lenders, phones remain commonplace.  

But aging IVRs and expensive call-center solutions accentuate on-going employee challenges (training effectiveness, scheduling, sick days, training and retention costs, etc.).

And studies even suggest that almost 95% of inquiries shouldn’t require human intervention.

With Vocinity AI-bots, you engage your customers across all your touchpoints – from retail banking to customer service to loan servicing. 

Reducing the customer care operations burden from existing customer service teams also improves first contact resolution. With Vocinity, your client service relationships thrive and drive higher lifetime value.

Vocinity’s secure and robust APIs enable voice, video, and text AI-based agents that help enhance customer acquisitions, increase profits and drive digital transformation.

Woman calling to car insurance
Health Insurance Application Form Concept

 Improved First Contact Resolution

Higher Customer Lifetime Value

Immediate Coverage Verification

Faster Processing

Increased Productivity

Streamlined Enrollment