Human Seeking Human?
(In-Stores & Online)

Yup, your customer sees that your salesfloor staffing is light. And they hate seeing “no agents are available” online. They are so over it. How do you fix it? Double or triple your staff?
No way.

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Enter Vocinity.

The verbal and visual sales technology brick and mortar and online stores need to win is here.

This is not old clunky robot-sounding technology.

Vocinity virtual assistants use the latest AI to interact at human-level accuracy and are trained with the same information as your team, except they never forget and get smarter over time.

When shoppers engage, virtual assistants provide photos, recommendations, warranty information, reviews, and much more – way more than is possible by an in-person sales team member.

Curious? We Hope So.

It’s really time for a change.

Are you ready?

Your in-store (and online)
sales team

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