Video Brand Assistants

Beyond Chatbots TM

Unlike chatbots, conversational video brand assistants are the perfect complement to your support, sales, service, accounts receivable and administrative teams. In fact, with Vocinity, it is fast, easy, and cost-effective to create and deploy omnichannel video experiences for customers, employees, and partners across the lifecycle of their relationships. 

Better Coverage

Allows you to connect with users when and where they are (in stores, online or out and about) improving coverage at a fraction of current costs.

Process Automation

Extensive APIs enable real-time workflows and robotic process automation (RPA) to improve scheduling, obtain faster approvals, and reduce cycle times.

Data Capture

From ordering a hamburger to capturing patient data, Vocinity interactions are 5 to 7 times faster than typing – especially on mobile devices. 

Contextual Access

User interactions are fully contextual based on user interests, device, location, product, time of day, and more.

Remote Clientelling

When you can’t be there, our Virtual Brand Assistants can be – ensuring customers get the personal touch they deserve.

Custom Routing Rules

Transfering calls are seamless based custom routing rules to live agents in stores, call centers, virtual locations or at home.

Why Do You Need A
Vocinity Conversational Video Assistant?

  • Staffing shortages
  • Inconsistent team quality
  • Turnover and replacement costs
  • Limited coverage online and in-stores
  • Lost sales and business opportunity costs
  • Recruiting costs and ramp up time

Get Precision, Consistency and Limitless Scalability

Now you can create more memorable experiences, such as interactive, multimedia journeys based on user input and preferences – in stores and offices and on the web and mobile devices. At the same time, you don’t need to worry about re-training, consistency, or staff availability.

Conversational Brand Assistants and More

Vocinity Brand Assistants can share documents, images and videos and send text messages with actionable links.

  • Documents
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Text Messages
  • Transfer (Voice or Video)

In fact, they can also speak English, French, German and Spanish. Equally important, they can also transfer to live agents for video or voice calls. In addition, live and recorded broadcasts can turn any website into a virtual shopping or service network.

Conversational Brand Assistants

Multilingual virtual brand assistants deliver consistent, cost-effective sales, service, and support engagements – anytime, anywhere.

Live Video

Your staff can take call from home, a store, an office, a call center, or even a virtual shopping location on PCs, Tablets and Smartphones.

Streaming Commerce

Turn any digital channel into a virtual shopping or support network with live and recorded broadcasts.

Be Everywhere Customers, Employees Partners Need You
Anytime, Anywhere, and On Any Device

Users engage conversational video assistants when and how they want – on phones, tablets, computers. Likewise, users can be in your stores, offices, homes, or out and about. Besides conversational brand assistants, you can incorporate live video chats and streaming commerce broadcasts. At the same time, Vocinity ensures consistent, cost-effective sales, service, and support experiences.

You can always be just a call, click, or snap away.

QR Codes

Scan A QR Code To Launch Video Experiences

Mobile Sites and

Video Brand Assistants On Smartphones


Engage Users On PCs, Tablets or Smartphones

PBX and
Phone Systems

Users and Agents Can Access Vocinity Experiences

Smart Signs
and Kiosks

Vocinity Smart Signs Are Great For In Store Experiences


Video Brand Assistants Can Transfer To Voice Calls

Conversational Video Assistant Customization

Have it your way!  
Each conversational bot is uniquely yours. 

Tailored scripts to drive your business process automation 
Computer-generated text-to-speech and and human voices
Rich multimedia experiences combining video avatars, live video conferencing and streaming broadcasts
Share contextual content (videos, images, text messages) based on time, day, product, location, etc.)
Custom actions and workflows using Agent Builder
Integration with your data to enable digital transformation