Change Agents

We believe in making emerging technology easy to deploy and cost-effective for businesses of any size.

Vocinity’s mission is to help businesses enable sales, service, and operational processes to drive sustainable revenue and profitability. To do this, we deploy omnichannel video experiences that feature AI-based conversational agents.

The platform augments or replaces legacy solutions to eliminate complex, time and people-intensive processes in  healthcare, retail, hospitality, and financial services markets.

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Vocinity’s Awesome Founder

Vocinity’s founder and CTO, Nathan Stratton, is a passionate technologist with a reputation for “doing the impossible.” A high school dropout, his intellect and passion have made him a 5-time startup leader. He started his first company his junior year in high school and shortly after that helped launch 26 CLECs.

Over the last twenty years, his business and technical leadership delivered many firsts:

  • The first video telephone company
  • The first to directly interconnect via SIP with two major national US providers
  • The first VoIP provider to expand local calling not just to the US, but to 28 countries
  • The first to virtualize BroadSoft’s BroadWorks telephony server
  • The first VoIP provider to allow users to bring your own device (BYOD)
  • The first 2 line carrier-less phone with VoIP and PSTN lines
  • The first to use a generic x86 PC boxes as a core route server for internet traffic
  • The first to support over 120 different SIP user agents on a single network
  • The first VoIP provider to launch a Wi-Fi phone

And Always With A Great Supporting Cast

At Vocinity, Nathan is supported by a strong development team with expertise in real-time communication, machine learning, and natural language processing. Several have worked with Nathan in previous ventures, some more than 12 years at more than one company.


Vocinity is proud to be a
New Urbana portfolio company,
and so pleased to have some other great partners and advisors.