Users engage by scanning QR codes, or clicking links on websites, text messages, social media and email.


Blurs the lines between entertainment, education and commerce, enabling a personal touch that e-commerce and chatbots alone do not provide.

No code

No code video bot builder ensures fast deployments and easy maintenance on smartphones, tablets, PCs and digital signage.

Next Generation
Conversational Marketing

Multilingual brand assistants share images, videos, and text messages, or transfer to video/voice-based agent calls.

key busines processes

With extensive APIs, captures data and helps automate sales, service and other critical business processes.

Zero Footprint

With no software to install, users access memorable experiences when, how and where they want.

Video Engagement Platform Experiences

Today’s consumers want to get fast answers, interactive video content, and personalized journeys. Therefore, Vocinity enables powerful brand and product experiences — when, where, and how your customers want them – featuring Virtual Brand Assistants, Live Video Chats and Streaming Commerce.

Conversational Video Avatars

Conversational Brand Assistants

Our multilingual brand assistants use the latest natural language processing and AI technology to engage users at near-human levels – supporting sales, service, and other critical business processes.

Vocinity Live Video Chats

Live Video

Video calls can go directly to live agents or via virtual brand assistant transfers. Custom routing rules based on location, expertise, role, language, and more ensure the right agent always gets the right call. And when live agents are not available, conversational brand assistants are there to help.

Streaming Commerce using the Vocinity Video Engagement Platform

Streaming Commerce

Turn any digital channel into a virtual shopping network with a simple link or script. Live and recorded broadcasts enable users to see your products in action and learn about their advantages from experts who show and explain everything in detail.

It’s Time To Join The Metaverse
with Virtual Team Members

Conversational Brand Assistants Help You Sell More, Service Better

The Vocinity video engagement platform supports many use cases, from appointment setting and assisted selling to customer service and collections. So, even when you cannot be there in person, Vocinity remote clienteling offers what e-commerce operations alone cannot.  Users still engage in interactive experiences that cultivate one-on-one relationships with a personal touch.

Lead Gen and Appointments



Training and Development

Support and Help Desk



Coverage Verification

Forms Data Capture



Product, Service, Food Ordering

Helping Automate Critical Business Processes

In addition, Vocinity conversational brand assistants help automate business processes by seamlessly integrating with back-office applications, including e-commerce, ERP, CRM, SFA, medical records, and POS. Above all, you can improve the productivity and effectiveness of existing staff.

Providing Any Time, Any Where Access

Users can engage conversational brand assistants on PCs, tablets, smartphones, or digital Signs. So users are always a click, snap or call away – in stores and offices, and on the web and mobile devices – with interactive, multimedia content based on user input and preferences.

Like other QR codes, you can add them to product packaging, merchandise, displays, and even on digital ads.  But instead of static content, scanning a Vocinity-enabled QR Code launches a personalized, interactive video-based sales and service experience featuring virtual brand assistants.

Vocinity-enabled indoor and outdoor digital signage delivers interactive, personalized video-based journeys.  Our reference design, including HD cameras, noise-canceling mics, proximity sensors, and client software, can be quickly added to existing kiosks or totems.

High Value Brands Can’t Afford To Wait
Get Your Own Conversational Brand Assistants Today

With Vocinity, you address the cost, coverage, and consistency challenges of finding and retaining quality staff to perform repetitive but critical business processes. Consequently, you enhance your ability to attract, sell, train, serve, and support users in stores, offices, and online.

Conversational Assistants Support Assisted Selling
Consumer Electronics
Conversational Assistants Support Assisted Selling For Communications Providers
Conversational Avatars For Luxury Brands
Luxury goods and Automobiles
Conversational Brand Assistants for Healthcare
Conversational Brand Assistants for Home Improvement and Appliances
Home Improvement and Appliances
Conversational Brand Assistants for Health and Beauty Brands
Health and beauty
Conversational Brand Assistants for Financial Services Brands
Financial services
Conversational Brand Assistants for Hospitality Brands
(Travel & Food)

In summary, Vocinity enables Now-Generation Customer Experiences TM through omnichannel video engagements  that deliver powerful brand and product experiences — when, where, and how your users want them.

Video Engagement Platform

Game Changing Technology

You can quickly create and maintain your own fully custom CGI-based Conversational Brand Assistant. The Vocinity video engagement platform is a full-duplex, natural conversation, including interruptions. In addition, us ing WebRTC and our unique multimedia gateway, you maximize user experiences. Next, we incorporate proprietary error correction, noise reduction, adaptive bandwidth throttles, and other algorithms. But we did not stop there. The platform also supports live video chats, streaming broadcasts, and voice calls.

  • Unique multimedia gateway supports video and voice
  • Best-of-breed commercial and open source technologies
  • AI and Proprietary algorithms including error correction, noise reductio and adaptive bandwidth support
  • Conversational Brand Assistants
    (full duplex including interruptions)
  • Live Video Chats
  • Streaming commerce broadcasts
  • Fast and cost-effective deployments and maintenance (no-code builder)
  • Zero-footprint, responsive deployments on any platform
  • APIs to automates data capture and workflows
  • Fully contextual, rich media experiences