Vocinity Blog

More than three years in the making, Vocinity avatar-based conversational brand assistants are the future of conversational marketing. Accordingly, the following blog posts focus on Vocinity product news as well as key technology and business trends impacting video-based engagements for high-value brands and their retail and commerce partners.

Explainer Videos Just Don't Provide The Same Value As A Virtual Brand Assistant
Explainer videos often miss the mark. Users never read manuals. FAQs on websites are like searching for a needle in a haystack. Simple chatbots are not getting the job done […]
Vocinity Now Generation Experiences
Consumer engagement habits are changing dramatically. Consequently, the digital-first mentality of Millenials and Gen-Z consumers, whom I like to call the Now Generation, have little patience for traditional sales and […]
Vocinity team shooting synthetic avatar video
While deepfakes have created a wave of negative publicity, synthetic media in business and consumer marketing is also rising. And this is not a new phenomenon. As early as 2009, […]
Vocinity QR Codes
Driven by the COVID pandemic, touchless experiences, including QR codes, have gained new life for consumers, brands, and retailers. Over the last year, QR codes have been commonplace, from TV […]
Don't put your business on hold
The never-ending COVID challenges coupled with ongoing labor shortages are forcing brands and their retail partners to evolve their customer engagement strategy. One popular approach is called remote clienteling. In […]
Consumers don't like to wait for ansswers
If your job is to help prospects buy and ensure customers stay, keep reading. Even when you can’t physically be there, prospects want to know about your products or services, […]
Today is my first official day at Vocinity, and I am excited also to write our first official blog post. Over the last twelve months, revenue has grown almost 300%, […]