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Interactive Video Platform As A Service (iVPaaS)

Conversational Video Avatars

Video Avatars

Synthetic Humans or

Conversational voice bots

Conversational Voice Bots

Synthetic or
Human Voices

Live Video Chats

Live Video

1:1 Video

Simple to Use. Fast To Deploy.

Zero User

No software to download or install. And no SDK required for 3rd party integration and support.

Proprietary Multimedia Gateway

Enhanced audio/video processing, unique algorithms for ASR error corrections, noise reduction, and much more.

No Code Bot

Use your existing bots or our bot builder with context-aware (device, location, product, etc.) support for Interactive rich-media, complex, recursive, multi-product experiences


Easily add to e-commerce, websites, and other digital channels with a simple link, script, or Google Tag Manager.


Add QR Codes to product packaging, pricing placards, merchandise and more.

Smart Sign

Touchless experiences can be added to indoor or outdoor signage.


Automate inbound and outbound call responses with a simple SIP trunk integration.

Did You Know?

Humans process visuals  60,000 times faster  than text and 65% of people are “visual learners.

90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual, stored in long-term memory, and stickier.

Voice creates an emotional connection with listeners and audio is the 2nd-most preferred format after video.

Vocinity is not just another chatbot company. We are a one-stop-shop for real-time, low-latency, cost-effective conversational video and voice engagements, live video chats, and more.

Everything You Need To Build, Deploy, And Maintain Your New Digital Workforce

Vocinity’s ground-breaking technology combines powerful video and voice experiences with conversational AI to create truly lifelike experiences. Virtual assistants provide completely natural, full-duplex conversations.

  • Supports all major ASR (Voice Recognition), TTS (Text to Speech), and Digital Avatar vendors
  • Proprietary multimedia gateway with enhanced audio and video processing
  • Unique algorithms for ASR error correction, noise reduction, and adaptive bandwidth
  • Fully custom voice and video bots – appearance, voice, tone, and more
  • Complements existing chatbots or provides a complete end-to-end solution