Beyond Chatbots TM

Omnichannel Video Experience Platform

Featuring Virtual Assistants, Live Video Chats and Broadcasts

To Improve Sales, Customer Service, and Other Critical Business Processes

Sell More, Service Better

The Vocinity platform enables anytime, anywhere live video experiences with interactive content and rich media – delivering sustainable outcome value while addressing the now-generation customer demands for instant access and expert service. This omnichannel approach supports websites, mobile applications, scanning QR codes, plus integration with outdoor and indoor digital signage, and phone systems and call centers.

PBX and Phone Systems

Young woman talking on phone in modern office

Call Centers

Customer service executives working in call center

Smart Signs and Kiosks

Young woman chooses a smartphone in an electronics store

QR Codes

Paying bills by scanning qr code is faster and easier

Mobile Sites and Applications

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Pretty girl working on her computer in cafe

Beyond Text Chat Bots

Vocinity’s conversational voice and video bots (V-Bots TM) are always on – they don’t get sick, take holidays, or skip work.

They provide natural language conversations at a human-level of accuracy, and can transfer in context to a live agent if needed.

Contact us for highly economical, contactless, voice and video-based virtual assistants for your business.

The Power of Voice and Video

Voice is still the most ubiquitous form of communication.
And video is by far the the most engaging digital communication method.

While text chatbots have grown in popularity, it is far easier and faster to speak –
especially on smartphones and tablets.

Yet, for many, conversational AI-voice bots sound expensive and complicated – until now!

Vocinity’ voice and video agents (V-Bots TM)) make your customer, employee, and partner engagements smarter and more cost effective. 

  • 25-200% reduction in cost
  • 5 to 7 times faster than typing
  • Diminished CoViD liability

See How Our Intelligent Voice Assistants Support Critical Processes in
Healthcare, Retail, Hospitality and Financial Servics.

Stopping Putting Your Business On Hold

Being on hold is a business killer. It impacts customer, partner, and employee relationships. And, it drives up costs and limits productivity.

Vocinity securely improves the way you make and answer phone calls. And it also ensures real-time web and mobile interactions.

With precision, consistency and limitless scalability, we directly engage prospects, clients, shoppers, partners and employees – delivering sustainable business outcomes.

So, stop wasting your time and money!!

Vocinity’s virtual business assistants are here to help.

Increase productivity, reduce staff frustration, and eliminate hold times by automating outbound calls including navigation of 3rd-party interactive voice response (IVR) systems

Reduce staffing costs and improve the first-call resolution through more intelligent inbound customer triage and verification.

Enhance shopper and customer engagements in-store, through QR code scans, and website integration including live agent video conferencing

Learn How Our Voice and Video Conversational Assistants Create Sustainable Business Value

Game Changing Technology

Vocinity’s proprietary algorithms and agent-builder applications enable rapid and cost-effective deployments.

Our unique multimedia gateway, microservices architecture, and extensive application programming interfaces (APIs) deliver contextual, voice and video  experiences that automate data capture and streamline work processes.

Vocinity leverages WebRTC and VOIP to create voice and video experiences with conversational and natural interactions (and speech recognition at near-human levels). 

Already More Than 4 Million Calls
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