Video and Voice
Shopping, Sales and Service Assistants

Meet Your New Digital Workforce

Vocinity is an AI-powered, no-code, shopping, sales, and service assistant management solution.

Our video and voice assistants and live agent chats make shopper, customer, employee, and partner interactions more engaging and informative – online, on the phone, in-stores, and soon in the metaverse.

Everything you need to build, deploy and maintain your digital workforce

With our no-code builder, anyone can design, develop, deploy and manage natural and rich video and voice interactions.

Gives you the visibility you want and the attention your customers deserve

Makes the most of every touchpoint – pre-qualifying leads, assisted selling, and triaging issues at scale with consistent, high-quality, personalized interactions.

Provides immediate, consistent, personalized interactions

Don’t guess what customers might ask; give them a clear story based on their specific needs – the right answers and the right content at the right time.

Connects to everything, and automates at scale

Robust APIs allow data capture and exchange with enterprise applications, including e-commerce, POS, CRM, marketing automation, and sales automation platforms.

Improves productivity without adding headcount

Automate repetitive tasks such as lead follow-up and qualification, appointment scheduling, and issue triage to boost the productivity and effectiveness of your revenue and support teams

  • Available on any device with no software to download
  • Video-based experiences online and in-stores
  • Always Available – 7x24x365 availability
  • Conversational assisted selling at equivalent levels to live agents at up to 1/9th the cost

It’s Time To Make Your Sales and Service Experiences More EngagingEffectiveInformativeEntertaining

Do You Need Shopping, Sales and Service Assistants?

Staffing and Coverage Challenges

Consumer Demands

Marketing and Sales Bottlenecks

The labor shortage requires new approaches to support the future of work
Consumers don't like to wait for ansswers
Broken sales and marketing programs need conversational assistants
  • Staffing shortages
  • Inconsistent team quality
  • Turnover and replacement costs
  • Recruiting costs and ramp up time
  • Inability to support in store and online interactions
  • Consumers demand more engaging interactions
  • Low conversion and high cart abadonment rates
  • Increasing competition and need for differentiation
  • Impatient digital natives who perfer video
  • Delays cause missed opportunities, lower program ROI and higher CAC
  • Poor lead quality impacts sales rep productivity
  • Too much time spent on email and scheduling and not enough time on closing
  • CRM update delays and missed zero party data capture

Join The Shopping and Service
Experience Revolution

Shopping, Sales and Service Assistants For Your Industry

Home DIY / Appliances

Personal Shopping and Service Assistants for Home Improvement and appliances


Cable and

Luxury and

Health and


Vocinity conversational assistants are your new digital workforce – seamlessly integrating with your key business workflows and applications. Now, you can attract, acquire and grow customers, employees and partners at scale by autonomously answering questions, providing desired content and more —
all while improving the productivity and effectiveness of existing staff.

Omnichannel Experiences
Web, E-Commerce, Brick and Mortar, and Phone

Vocinity Assistants transform your shopping, sales and support experiences from browse-and-search to automated and personalized. — answering questions, providing recommendations, sharing documents, images, and videos, showing product demos, and sending text messages with actionable links.

QR Codes

Scan A QR Code To Launch Video Assistant Experiences

Mobile Devices

Vocinity Conversational Assistants Supporting Shoppertainment


Omnichannel Shopping and Service Assistants

Digital Signs

Vocinity Smart Sign Reference Design


Video and Voice Assistants Can Transfer to Phone Calls At Any Time

Consumers engage Video and Voicie Assistants when and how they want – ensuring consistent, cost-effective interactions throughout the lifecycle of the relationship.

Personal Assistants

Personal Assistants

No Software
Installation Required

Rich Media

No Code
Agent Builder

Simple, Fast Deployments

Personal Shopping and Service Assistant Software

Game Changing Technology

  • Proprietary multimedia gateway
  • Best-of-breed commercial and open source software
  • Algorithms for ASR error correction, noise reduction and adaptive bandwidth support
  • Full duplex conversations including interuptions