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Cognitive Conversational Agents


Revolutionize outreach and contact centers with Vocinity AI-powered synthetic agents for customer service, lead generation, sales, surveys, entertainment, and more.

Consistently Intelligent Engagement

intelligent, engaging synthetic conversation via telephone, sms, WEB CHAT, rcs, webrtc, messaging apps and digital assistants


Supercharge outreach with conversational commerce that transforms impersonal ads into profitable, intimate conversations.

Contact Centers

CCAs (Cognitive Conversational Agents) augment or replace contact center agents, and deliver consistency, unlimited scalability and cost-savings

Public Outreach

Reach customers, constituents and voters at scale with emotionally engaging campaigns that make powerful, lasting impressions and capture actionable data.


Reminders, notifications and transactional communications become engagement opportunities...reimagine customer and partner facing roles.

What are Vocinity CCAs?

Vocinity CCAs are AI-powered software agents that augment or replace live contact center agents for sales, service, on-boarding, concierge, customer success, and more. With perfect consistency and limitless scalability, CCA’s speak intelligently–in 28 languagesto make and answer phone calls, engage prospects via voice-enabled ads, chat via apps, and message using SMS, RCS or a range of messaging apps. 

CCA’s collect and deliver information, conduct transactions, screen calls, and orchestrate service delivery. Each customer touch point is a potential opportunity for CCAs to increase engagement, improve the efficiency of human reps, and optimize conversion.

Vocinity CCAs:

CCAs combine voice processing, text/chat, and robotic process automation. CCAs receive scripts and action instructions similar to human call center agents, enabling them to be first contact at touch points throughout the customer journey.

CCAs execute similar scripts and process as human contact center agents,

CCAs are capable of intelligent, in-depth conversation, allowing them to deliver customer service, sell, educate, and/or entertain.

CCAs handle phone calls, (inbound or outbound), respond to digital assistants (DAs), car voice-command systems, web link, and SMS, plus messaging programs like Facebook Messenger and RCS, the emerging, new messaging standard.

CCAs do more than understand speech—they’re lifelike agents that also execute tasks. For example, a Sales CCA
can converse with a customer just as a live rep does to elicit information for an order, and then send post-call
messages to confirm and/or finalize the sale. The same CCAs can converse via voice or chat/messaging, and
combine the two—such as enriching a birthday greeting by sending a picture of a birthday cake via SMS.

  • Improved customer satisfaction through better responsiveness, and by replacing hated IVRs and legacy ASR
    customers actually like talking to CCAs.
  • 25%-200% lower costs by replacing tier one human agents, often with better CSAT and outcomes (especially versus
    offshore agents with poor language skills).
  • Increased efficiency for human service representative through offloading information gathering, and by priming
    customer responsiveness.
  • Better outcomes with less exception handling via consistent messaging and elicitation, deeper engagement,
    and perfectly capturing interaction data.
  • Unlimited scalability and burst capacity.
  • Seamless, built-in multiple language support.
  • Higher engagement which builds brand affinity, and enriches subsequent interactions.

The process is:

  1. Via a customer journey review, identify suitable touch-points, potential  gaps, and new engagement opportunities (like a word game), along with volume estimates 
  2. Specify interaction channels (phone, web link, DA, etc.), as well as
    integration requirements for read/write between the CCA and existing systems.
  3. Develop interaction scripts. Existing material like IVRs, chat bots, and human rep scripts can provide a baseline, or new interactions developed based on engagement goals.
  4. Define CCA personality and persona profiles.
  5. Build a “trainee” CCA — typically several CCAs for split tests.
  6. Deploy a CCA MVP to iteratively train based on test results, including refining personality traits like voice,
    cadence, and tone.
  7. Build supporting tools and content, such as Alexa skills, messaging content and workflow, web imagery,
    supporting video, etc.
  8. Deploy the CCA and associated content.
  9. Conduct periodic reviews and retraining, along with customer sentiment assessments.

Use Cases

Inbound Sales

Challenges with live agents include:

  • balancing responsiveness and cost,
  • hiring and  training,
  • load balancing across busy hours, 
  • handling volume spikes, particularly with call-ins related to broadcast advertising
  • agent inconsistency.

Vocinity CCA’s address each of these while lowering costs. Achieve perfect consistency, in-depth analytics to enrich retargeting and cross selling, and limitless scale –from 1 conversations to 10,000 or more.


Vocinity CCAs engage in personalized, dynamic conversations combining the impact of a call with the scalability and cost of email. Whether pre or post sales, CCAs maximize conversion rates, reduce fallout and churn, and improve satisfaction. More than speech, CCAs deliver in-call or post-call messages, up-sell/cross-sell, or schedule live agent follow-ups. An unprecedented blend of flexibility, engagement and low cost enables a personalized experience and ideal touch cadence and that puts the customer front and center. 

Customer Service / Order Taking

CCAs are force multipliers for skilled care agents, service reps and technicians.  While IVRs make customers irate, CCA’s make them smile, with an engaging positive tone that sets live agents up for better outcomes.  CCA’s integrate into back office processes, even taking the lead in driving workflow. Streamline process, lower costs and delight customers with CCAs for order taking, appointment scheduling, reminders and care and service calls.

Enterprise Solutions

With broad capability suitable for many job roles, CCAs  can be applied to specialized functions such as jobber hotlines, franchise communications, field technician assistance, retail ordering support, and channel management. CCAs can be customer or partner specific,  tailored to regions or verticals, and rapidly deployed for  events like trade shows, annual meetings, concerts, or conventions. 

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